Young Fox, Gulf Shore NS

   Photography has been a longstanding passion of mine, re-energized with the advent of digital technology. Nature and landscapes provide my favorite subjects, but anything that looks interesting is fair game.

   Most of the moments and places that we experience are pretty mundane so the challenge is to capture ones that make the viewer stop and take a second look. This can be the result of unusual subject matter or viewpoint, or just the natural beauty of a scene. I try to let the subject speak for itself, to edit the basics but not exaggerate for the sake of attracting attention. I use HDR techniques when needed to capture a complete range of tones, but try to avoid the garish result of too much HDR and color distortion that seems to be prevalent in so many of today’s nature photographs.

   I feel fortunate to be able to use the magnificent tools now available, making it so much easier to carve out memorable images. My Sony RX10iv has become my go to camera, along with Lightroom for organizing and editing .

Photography is a great reason to see more of our world, and later allows me to revisit and refresh my memories, whether at home in Illinois, traveling in western US, at our summer cottage in Nova Scotia or elsewhere.

   Time is a measure of how well I have done. If I can look again at one of my old photos that I haven’t seen in a while and say "I like that photo, I'm glad I made it." then for me this is a measure of how good it is. I hope you enjoy these photos and that some will make you to take a second look.

   If you have any comments or like a photo well enough to purchase it, contact me at  An 8x12 is priced at $50. Profits from the sale will go to a children’s charity.

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